a musical fantasy by Suzanne Doane

A musical fantasy suitable for elementary schools, junior high and community groups in a cast of 30 – 150. Traditional story of Rumplestiltskin supported by "All the King's horses and all the King's men. . ." including characters from Mother Goose and fairy tales.

Resources include:

Director's Manual
  • with detailed production notes
  • suggestions for staging, lighting, props and costuming
  • auditioning tips and rehearsal plan
  • complete script
  • curriculum extensions
  • reproducible pages
Music Book
  • with piano accompaniment
  • vocal score
  • lyric sheets
  • reproducible pages
Compact Disc
  • with rehearsal and performance soundtracks
  • all musical sound effects

Songs Include: 

  • Faraway Anthem
  • Just an Ordinary Girl
  • Rumplestiltskin, What a Name
  • It's the Latest Thing
  • This Could Be My Lucky Break
  • We Are So Upset
  • We Are the People of the Village
  • We've Got to Think of That Name
  • Can She Do It?
  • Faraway Anthem (Reprise)

Story Synopsis

Alphonso, the Court Jester, welcomes us to the Land of Faraway. THE FARAWAY ANTHEM presents the lords and ladies of the King’s court. Alphonso introduces us to the story of his gracious Queen Euphemia and his bumbling (but essentially decent) King Bartholomew whose son, Prince Charming, needs to marry a rich princess to save the kingdom from financial ruin. The solution? Advertise! After all, IT’S THE LATEST THING!

The Prince, however, has other plans. He dons a costume and, accompanied by Alphonso, heads outside the castle towards a nearby town drawn by hearing WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE VILLAGE. From among the village throng (consisting of every Mother Goose and nursery rhyme character imaginable) emerges Claudia, a gentle maid who is the best weaver in the village. Prince Charming, upon seeing the beautiful Claudia, realizes that all along he has wanted JUST AN ORDINARY GIRL.
Alas, the King and Queen are not inclined to accept an ordinary girl until Claudia’s father, the Miller (who sees his chance to make himself wealthy), announces that Claudia can spin flax into gold. Claudia is taken to the castle to prove her skill; the Prince senses trouble.
Enter Rumplestiltskin (who has been eavesdropping from the shadows), rejoicing that THIS COULD BE MY LUCKY BREAK. Rumplestiltskin magically materializes before Claudia and offers to “help” spin her golden cloth. The desperate Claudia agrees and so, Rumplestiltskin makes his evil pact. Having secured her promise to give him a future reward on demand, Rumplestiltskin agrees to spin the flax into gold, then disappears into a puff of smoke. Not aware of the magical pact, the courtiers encourage Claudia but wonder, CAN SHE DO IT?
When Claudia produces the golden cloth, the King and Queen give their consent and the maid, who is JUST AN ORDINARY GIRL, marries Prince Charming. All is well until the baby Prince is born. Claudia feels the guilt of her dishonesty, fears for what Rumplestiltskin will ask, and confesses to the Prince. He assures Claudia of his love.
But, sure enough, Rumplestiltskin appears, reveals that it was he, not Claudia, who spun the golden cloth. Rumplestiltskin presents his ultimatum—guess his name in three days or the baby Prince is his!—as he again vanishes in a puff of smoke. The entire court goes into an uproar. Everyone joins into the search, encouraging each other, all the while bewailing that WE'VE GOT TO THINK OF THAT NAME!
Alone in his lair, Rumplestiltskin laments his sorry life’s story in RUMPLESTILTSKIN, WHAT A NAME.
Luckily, Prince Charming, who had followed Rumplestiltskin overhears his song and discovers the answer to the mystery riddle. Meanwhile, back at the castle, the courtiers break into a Minuet to try and hide their misery in WE ARE SO UPSET.

When Rumplestiltskin returns to the castle three days later, confident of victory, the Prince is able to save Claudia and his son from the Rumple’s clutches. Unexpectedly, in the hubbub of the moment, it is discovered that Rumplestiltskin is the son of the King’s uncle—and, in fact, is a long-lost cousin. So all ends well for the new extended family in the Land of Faraway.


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Director’s Manual
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Music Book
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Compact Disk
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The purchase of these three publications gives non-profit organizations nontransferable performance rights.

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