Making Meaning of the Madness

This book was published for a friend and colleague who suffered a tragic loss and wrote about it.
It is outside our usual education offerings but we felt it was important to make it available.
A description and ordering information is found below.

Making Meaning of the Madness

One Man's Journey Through Grief

Dan Lundine

A must-read for every man who has suffered the tragedy of loss.

I know I will never get over my son's death, but I know also I am getting a second chance at life. After feeling dreadful for so long, I am in awe of this new state that allows me to function with renewed enthusiasm.

Dan Lundine

Making Meaning of the Madness deals with issues such as:
  • healing
  • fear
  • dreams
  • anger
  • self-esteem
  • sleep
  • depression
  • looking after self
  • anniversaries
  • laughter and tears
Bereaved men are often desperately lost. Caught trying to cope with society's expectations of strength, their emotions confuse them. Men flounder as they struggle to maintain equilibrium in their lives.
  • they deny the natural emotions of grief
  • they experience pain beyond comprehension
Confronted by mortality, men dislike themselves for being vulnerable.
  • they experience anger
  • they suffer guilt
  • they discover the world does not turn as it should

And as they question their will to survive, they are afraid.

Making Meaning of the Madness is beautifully written, poignant: a must-read for bereaved fathers, 
it will give them insight and understanding of their emotions and will justify their feelings
and hopefully give them permission to express them. 
Bereaved mothers and siblings, as well, will find it sensitive, honest and beneficial. 

Especially recommended for the newly bereaved, it offers hope and comfort along with practical coping advice.

Ken Pinch, President
The Compassionate Friends of Canada 

But this book is not about the tragedy of death. It is about HOPE. It will offer comfort to the many people who suffer the pangs of loss. It provides assurance that through time, sufferers will discover a renewed purpose in living. This book is intended to help men cope with grief and to let them know they are not alone in their misery. Men need to understand that the insanity they think they are suffering is normal.

Author Dan Lundine knows of what he writes. Early Sunday morning, December 18th, 1994, his twenty-five year old son died suddenly. He tells us:

Death does tough things to people. But through time, if we can accept our reality 
and understand ourselves, we can begin to heal. 
We will survive our pain!  
Lives have been irrevocably altered, but with time and love, 
there can come meaning out of the madness.

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