In 1996, when Tall Timbers Publishing first started, it was mainly for the purpose of publishing and disseminating "The Brummitt-Taylor Music Listening Program: A Non-Directed Approach." Our goals were modest and were mostly focused on selling the 1,000 units of the program we first printed. It seems funny now looking back, as we are currently in our 8th printing, that we had concerns at all. Because a funny thing happened when classical music became part of students' daily routine at school: students, teachers, parents, administrators, and interested outside observers responded very positively. And what began as a modest goal of reaching 1,000 schools has now grown to the point where more than one-half million children listen to classical music every school day through this resource.

In 1996, naive as we were, we recognized that this new "thing", the internet, should be part of our business plan. So, we went about establishing an internet presence with a simple website that more than met our needs. It was really just a glorified, electronic brochure but it had the advantage of allowing two-way communication with people we didn't know and also provided a digital way to purchase materials. It served us well and we blindly went along, with one minor upgrade, into the new millennium.

Fast forward to 2012, a mere 16 years after start-up, and we discovered our "new" website was woefully out-of-date. Hence the decision to create a new internet presence and build an entirely new website.

We are delighted with the results and hope you will find it an interesting place to visit from time to time.

Some of the features from the "old" site remain. You'll find the complete listing of our publications of course, and you can still order these materials on line. But we have added PayPal as an option for those who wish to use this method of payment.

However, it's the new sections of the site that excite us the most. We've added a section for testimonials. We love receiving anecdotal feedback from teachers, parents, and administrators, but we've discovered that our guests like reading them, too! So, we've included a few of our favourites and invite you to submit your own. Also included in testimonials is a section called "Anecdotes", which are really just longer testimonials. And we've included a few favourite quotes on this page, and sprinkled others elsewhere on the site.

A quickly growing and increasingly important area that affects arts education, and music education in particular, is that of brain research. We've created a section on our site that will provide offerings of interesting developments in the field. We've organized these into three sections: research, books, and journals. We will update this section regularly so check back from time to time. And please feel free io pass along any material that you have discovered. The first offering in the research section is the complete study (available for download in PDF) of a "Pilot Case Study" on the effects of daily listening to classical music in a rural K-8 school in Arizona.

The blog you are currently reading will be updated monthly. It will cover a variety of topics on music education from the sharing of extension ideas for daily music listening to book reviews and research findings. The focus will be on aspects that affect the classroom so we hope to build a network of educators who read and participate in the monthly offerings.

The final section of our new site is the one of which we are most proud. It is a listing of the "Education Partners" we work with. It consists primarily of arts organizations and symphonies in the United States who use the BTMLP as part of their education programs. The groups are listed chronologically beginning with Britt Festivals in Medford, OR who began in 1999 to the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra and Music School and the Santa Cruz County Symphony, who both started pilot programs in the fall of 2012. There is short description of each group and a link to their websites and education pages. Two of the groups, Music in the Mountains in Nevada City, CA and the San Luis Obispo Symphony in San Luis Obispo, CA, have videos describing and talking about the BTMLP. It's a section that will interest many music educators.

So, again, we welcome you to our new site. Thank you for visiting. We would love to hear from you, either through the blog or via email. Our contact page below has all the information. Talk to you next month!